What is Digital Signage?

Simply put, digital signage is a network of customizable digital displays that you can control electronically using a computer, that allows you to change your content remotely and as frequently as you want for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage networks allow you to create and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your audiences without your budget taking a painful hit.

Hosted or Stand alone?

While most of our clients prefer to deploy their own stand alone systems, a hosted solution is a good starting point for clients just getting into Digital Signage.  Hosting allows you to get there benefits of Digital Signage without the initial investment.

Core Technology’s hosted Content Management System provides an online digital signage network. This online service allows you to access our cutting-edge software for a monthly subscription fee. Your Content is only seen and accessed by your company and we take care of all the back end work including implementation, set up, monitoring, updates, back ups, and server maintenance.

It’s a hassle-free way to roll out your digital signage network.  Best of all, if you change your mind and want to change to a stand along system, you can do so without losing any of your content or customizations.  For more on Hosted Solutions, click HERE

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