Scala EX Modules

Scala EX Modules are optional pieces of software that can be purchased to add to your Scala Content Manager, Designer, and Player to get specific functionality. EX Modules are sold separately.

With the release of Scala Enterprise (release 10.xx), most of the EX modules below have been bundled into the price of the software – so there is no extra cost.  However, if you are still running an older release of Scala and need an EX Module, please contact us.

Scala Designer & Scala Player EX Modules

Control virtually any device accessible by computers at the point of playback. These are plugins developed specifically for the below hardware. Plus, Scala comes with a freeform editor allowing anyone to program their own RS-232 serial devices.

  • TV Tuner EX Module – Insert live video feeds full screen or in a window.
  • CORIOgen EX Module – Convert a VGA signal to a TV signal.
  • Weather EX Module – Show real-time weather data at the point of playback.
  • Video Control EX Module – Use RS-232 controlled switchers to flip between video feeds.
  • Queue EX Module – Integrate a queuing system into your digital signage network.
  • Local Verification EX Module – Verify your Player’s software without connecting to the Internet

Scala Content Manager EX Modules

  • Template Composer EX Module – Template Composer EX is an optional Scala Content Manager EX Module, which will be sold separately. Templates can be created in Scala Designer, allowing the creative content designers (graphics artists) to create the “look and feel” of a channel. From the Scala Content Manager web front end, any user can fill in forms that drive the predefined templates from Scala Designer. No additional software needs to be installed on the users desktop since the forms can be filled in from any Internet-connect computer. Data-driven content templates allow even your least design-savvy employee to create great looking displays.
  • Publish Automation EX Module – Publish Automation EX Module is an optional Scala Content Manager EX Module, which allows third party applications to control changes to the Scala network. Connecting third party tools to your Scala network gives you added flexibility and wide range of additional services to choose from.
  • Playback Audit EX Module – Each Scala Player reports a playlog of ads that ran on the Player. These playlogs are XML based, allowing us to support the new POPAI standard and other third party applications (e.g.: DS-IQ). The Playback Audit EX Module offers simplified generation of proof-of-playback affidavits, saving you time and eliminating costly delays in extracting detailed billing information from your Scala network.
  • Broadcast Server – Broadcast Server allows users to broadcast multimedia content created with Scala Designer or other industry-standard applications via satellite and multicast networks to hundreds or thousands of sites. It is an expansion to Scala Content Manager that makes content distribution easy for large installations by allowing multiple players to be addressed with a single transmission.

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