Scala Script Toolkits

Script Toolkits consists of script “building blocks” that can be used by a sufficiently trained technical resource to build sophisticated applications without needing to start from scratch.

With the release of Scala Enterprise (release 10.xx), many of the Toolkits below have been bundled into the price of the software – so there is no extra cost.  However, if you are still running an older release of Scala and need a Toolkit, please contact us.

Ask us how these Scala Script Toolkits can hep make your Scala system more effective and interesting to your viewers:

Enhanced RSS Script Toolkit – A series of templates that allow you to easily add an RSS feed to a Crawl, Sidebar, or Main area of your screen.  Simply load these scripts into Designer, make whatever cosmetic changes you desire (fonts, color schemes, etc.), and publish this to your Content Manager.  Then login to your Content Manager and create a new Message.  Select the RSS Template, enter your URL, select a variety of options and save.  It’s that easy.

Scala Browser Script Toolkit – Two scripts are included with this Script Toolkit.  The first is a full screen web browser run from the Launch Module with command line parameters for URL, timeout and if the navigation bar is hidden or not.  The second captures a snapshot of a URL for display in a playlist as a PNG file.

PDF Print Script Toolkit – This is a EXE program that again is run from the Launch Module that allows you to print PDFs from your application.  This works best with older versions of Acrobat Reader such as 5.X and 6.X.

National Weather Service Script Toolkit – The US Government maintains a website of regional weather stats in the United States.  Access to this information is free of charge, but not as detailed as you might get from a “paid” service with forecast information such as AccuWeather.  This contains a series of templates for displaying the current weather conditions by zipcode either as a crawl, sidebar or main area.

CSV Schedule Script Toolkit – Using this Script Toolkit with a “Comma Separated Value” (CSV) file from Excel or another program, you can easily import a meeting or event schedule into Scala and display it with a pleasing graphical design.  The fields supported here are name of event, name of group, start time, start date, stop time, stop date, and location name.

Useful Templates – Many of the above Script Toolkits use a similar style for display information in the crawl, sidebar, or main area.  This collection of templates is designed with the same look and feel, and is easily added to a Content Manager playlist.  Five different templates are included – A basic message template, a video and picture template, a time & date template, a TV Tuner template (TV Tuner hardware and TV Tuner EX Module are sold separately), and a Windows Media Streaming Video template.

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