Flypaper™ is a Flash® content management platform that allows businesses, agencies and developers to create and manage high-impact, interactive content for a fraction of the time and cost typically associated with such projects.

Flash developers create programs and components and then import them into the Flypaper application so that other users can edit and re-purpose the content without touching any programming code.

Non-technical users can create content without using developers by starting with Flypaper Templates and pre-programmed Components to expedite the process. Additional features such as online project collaboration, a repository for storing and sharing digital assets, the ability to capture viewer data and track their activity through an online Dashboard, and additional storage space come with the Pro version.

The Flypaper Platform was designed specifically for agencies and companies that create and use interactive content. Now there’s a way to efficiently manage Flash content that produces measurable results, greater ROI and a distinct competitive advantage for agencies and businesses alike.


A full-featured Flash content management platform that’s robust yet easy to use

The Flypaper platform has all the features and power needed for creating advanced Flash content, yet it’s easy and quick to learn for non-technical users. There are truly too many features to list on a single page, so we encourage you to sign up for a demo to see everything for yourself.

  • Creator Creator Creator is our primary application that is installed on your local system which allows you to create, share (publish), edit, and reuse Flash content. Creator is powerful and full-featured, yet easy to learn and intuitive enough for non-technical users.
  • Dashboard Dashboard Our online, interactive Dashboard lets you track viewer data no matter where you’ve published your story (sent a URL via email, posted to a website, etc.) to know exactly how your content is being consumed and by whom. Now you can follow up in precise detail with actionable intelligence about every project.
  • Dashboard API Dashboard API The Flypaper Dashboard API allows developers programmatic access to their Platform’s Dashboard data. Utilizing a familiar XMLA API, developers can easily plug into a myriad of analytic data collected by the Flyplayer and stored on the Flypaper Servers. Access data such as who viewed your Stories, including when a Story was viewed, how much time was spent on each Page and even the city the Story was viewed from. The API even let’s you access all the data collected in the Flypaper Form Components. The API can easily plug into Excel for Companywide report distribution.
  • Component SDK Component SDK This isn’t just your average SDK, this is a comprehensive development kit to help you quickly and easily create components for Flypaper. Complete with an installer, help instructions, a getting started guide, templates for Flash, Flex and ActionScript3, this kit will get you productive fast.
  • CommunicatorLive Chat SystemThe Live Chat System enables viewers of Flypaper Projects to chat in real-time with the Projects’ owners. A Project owner can chat live with a multitude of Project viewers simultaneously, while maintaining a one-on-one private chat with each of them. He can also broadcast messages to all viewers at once.
  • Enterprise Repository Enterprise Repository Suddenly version control and the review cycle aren’t so scary with our enterprise repository. Store all of your digital assets – images, video, audio, Flypaper projects and more – in one central location for everyone to access. Sharing across the aisle, the department or entire company has never been easier.
  • Enterprise Repository Collaborator Now creative teams have an easy, cost-effective way to get feedback and collaborate on Flypaper projects – online, in real-time. Review and markup Flypaper projects anytime, anywhere. Get signoff faster with interactive meetings and collaboration sessions. Stay organized with a complete, easy to find record of project stages and communications.
  • Web-Editor (add-on) Web-Editor (add-on)Empower distributors of your Flypaper projects to make their own edits and customizations quickly and easily through the web. This easy-to-use online version simplifies the editing process for users that don’t have time to learn every feature. You can lock down certain elements and make others editable, so you maintain control while they stay productive and efficient.
  • Approval Management System Approval Management SystemThe Approval Management System extends the collaboration tools to anyone who needs to preview, comment or approve a project – without requiring a Flypaper seat. The System provides a complete history of the steps in the review and approval process, tracking who made what comment and when.
  • Sales and Training Toolkit Sales & Training ToolkitThe Sales and Training Toolkit bundles the Web Editor, Dashboard and Live Chat functions – giving your sales personnel and trainers the power to extend your Flypaper projects far beyond the content creation team. With the Sales and Training Toolkit, users can easily customize any project, track the activity in their Dashboard, and chat real-time with the viewers to gather first-hand reactions and intelligence on the effectiveness of their interactive content.

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