Core Technology offers subscriptions to AccuWeather feeds for your digital signage product.

AccuWeather delivers the best-looking weather graphicsscalaEmblem and the most-accurate weather data to your digital signage to engage viewers and maximize the impact of your advertising message.

We offer both Scala specific AccuWeather content and Flash based content suitable for most any digital signage applications.

Graphical weather and news modules are designed for venues with ambient noise and do not include audio. Optimized to require low bandwidth for delivery
and shorter dwell times, graphical weather and news modules are available in two formats:
  • Standard 16:9 aspect ratio 1366×768 for full screen applications.
  • RSS
Video weather content is intended for venues with low ambient noise and longer dwell times, video modules include audio. Available for cities across the US and Canada. Choose from seven different modules. Available in 4:3 aspect ratio, with 720×480 resolution. Encoded as MPEG-2 and delivered at 2.5 Mbits per second.

On all modules, when severe weather strikes, a banner will appear on all location-specific modules, warning viewers of dangerous weather in their area.


Contact us to subscribe to any of the following modules:

-Current Local Conditions-
People care most about weather conditions in their area and how it may affect their daily routine. This module is updated hourly for all locations worldwide to provide a real-time, accurate, local current conditions.

-Text Forecast-
The text forecast module delivers a pair of forecast slides, with the forecast for the next 24-hour period. The time period is based on the current time, and reflects today and tonight or tonight and tomorrow as appropriate. This format gives viewers the up-to-date information to help them plan ahead. Content is updated twice daily for locations worldwide.

-Regional Radar Animation-
This module provides nine animated regional radars covering the entire continental United States, or Provincial Canada. Updated every 15 minutes. Corresponding national radar animation is also available.

-Hourly Forecast-
Updated hourly for all locations worldwide, this module provides the local forecast for the eight hours in a layout that pleasingly conveys temperature, wind speed, and sky conditions.

-Extended forecast-
This module presents detailed local forecasts of high and low temperatures and sky conditions, prepared specifically for every location worldwide and updated twice daily.

-Weather Trivia-
Your viewing audience is fascinated by weather. Many systems have found that the weather trivia question is an especially popular module that offers a powerful lead-in to a following ad. A new trivia question is available daily, randomly selected from a bank of 60 seasonal questions each month.

Tourists and business travelers alike will be grateful for the travel forecast. It is sure to turn travelers' heads as weather conditions across the country can impact transportation arrangements. This module features current temperatures for six major US cities to inform travelers of the weather conditions of or near their destinations.

-Extreme weather-
Weather catastrophes like Hurricane Katrina have created an increased interest in extreme weather that affects many people both directly and indirectly, through travel, family and friends. The extreme weather module offers detailed information and forecasts regarding the location, direction, and strength of extreme weather activity.

-Arthritis index™-
The nation's leading cause of disability, arthritis affects an estimated 46 million US adults.'s Arthritis Index summarizes the most like severity of weather-related arthritis pain in one easy-to-understand scale.

-Flu index™-
Flu season's arrival impacts schools, workplaces, and families each winter as five to twenty percent of the population are hit each year. The Flu Index conveys transmission likelihood to help consumers prepare when their area is at highest risk.

-Pollen index-
As 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, viewers will value a scale of the level of pollen in their area.

-UV index-
One million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer, not to mention painful sunburn and premature wrinkles. The valuable UV Index helps consumers prepare for intense summer sun.
-Business News-
As markets shrink our attention to finance and corporate news increases. The business news module presents the latest headlines from the Associated Press®, the world's most-respected news gathering organization.

-Sports news-
Help keep your customers in tune with sporting events with this relevant module. Content provided by the AP.

-World News-
As the world becomes smaller, people want to be connected. World news modules keep viewers informed and attract attention to your signage with stories from the AP.

-US News-
Stay informed with US news modules, displaying the top US headlines from the AP to draw audiences.

-Health News-
Developments in health research and treatments can have a dramatic impact on individuals and their families. The health news module displays the latest headlines from the AP in an eye-catching manner.

-Science and Technology News-
Science and technology play an increasing role in our lives from daily use of the Internet and cell phones, how we fuel our cars and even the genetically engineered food we eat. Consumers want to keep up with the latest developments from the AP.

-Entertainment News-
Entertainment News from the AP will grab the attention of your viewers with details on the hottest concerts, celebrity reports and television and movie news.

-Weather News-
When weather-related disasters strike, people care about more than just their local forecast. is your source for headlines on tornadoes, flooding, and tidal waves.

-Video-Local Forecast-
Produced twice-daily, forecasts are available in both English and Spanish for all major US cities and in English for select cities in Canada.

-Video-Regional Forecasts-
Updated four times daily, the 75-second regional forecasts detail weather events in regions across the US including the northeast, southeast, north central, south central, southwest, and northwest.

-Video-National Weather Content-
National video modules deliver relevant information to your audience, no matter where they are in the country. These 75-second modules are all updated four times daily unless otherwise specified.

-Video-National Forecast-
AccuWeather on-air personalities provide an overview of what will happen in weather across the US.

-Video-Breaking Weather News-
Updated six times daily, breaking weather news videos keep your viewers up-to-date on weather events across the US.

-Video-Severe Weather-
When severe weather strikes — whether wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, or tornadoes — viewers need to know what is happening. With updates twice daily, these videos keep your customers in the loop.

-Video-Sports Weather-
Blistering heat or howling cold, rain, or snow can have a great impact on the big game. AccuWeather meteorologists let you know.

-Video-Travel Weather-
Airport delays and dangerous road conditions are a significant concern for travelers. AccuWeather travel weather videos forecast how weather will impact travel arrangements across the US.

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